Number Crunching

I had a fascinating meeting with our auditors the other day. Like many other non-profits we have an annual audit process, which helps us maintain our professionalism and budget standards. You can see our last audit here, and our IRS 990 form here.

I’m proud that we’re transparent and our auditors gave us a clean bill of fiscal health. When you make a gift to the annual Campaign, you can be confident that your gift goes toward meeting your values. You can check out more of our financials and organizational information here.

But I’m even more proud that, once again, GMW was selected as a four-star charity by “Charity Navigator.” Very few charities receive this rating. Very few are rated as highly as GMW is in their financial performance (98.65 out of 100). And we’re one of the only charities to receive an overall score of 100% on accountability and transparency. You can see the entire financial and accountability metrics detail here.

Why are these things important? Because so many people rely on us. Because every day your gift cares, builds, and saves lives. And when we say we’re doing something – you need to know that we’re being responsible and responsive.

Here's the bottom line:

We believe that charities that are accountable and transparent are more likely to act with integrity and learn from their mistakes because they want donors to know that they're trustworthy. Generally speaking, charities that follow best practices in governance, donor relations, and related areas are less likely to engage in unethical or irresponsible activities. Therefore, the risk that charities would misuse donations should be lower than for charities that don't adopt such practices.*

Our ethics are showing. And they’re highly rated.

*Source: Charity Navigator, How Do We Rate Charities' Accountability and Transparency?

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