My Noisy Office

My main office is in Whippany. But I also have an office in Scotch Plains, in the beautiful Wilf Campus of the JCC of Central New Jersey.
And that Union County office is going to get noisier this week.
Our federation has had a strong presence in Union County for many, many years. Through decades of dedicated leadership, professional and lay, in the “Central” and “MetroWest” federations, and in our merged federation, we’ve built a caring and thriving Jewish community. We’ve worked with partners and agencies to help deepen the platforms and ties that make a community. And we’ve seen amazing results. Like with all of our twenty-seven local partner agencies at home (and our schools, synagogues and international partners too) we’ve tried to increase the ability of everyone to care, build and save Jewish life.
There’s a lot more we can do in this regard in Union County. I’ve created a CEO’s office in Scotch Plains, we boosted our Campaign staff and senior staff presence, we’re hosting parlor meetings and outreach events. That’s in addition to our major partnership with the JCC in its programming, and the amazing job they do hosting federation as a Super Sunday site each year.
And the JCC is growing. They’re expanding early childhood programming – a really essential area  – and creating their first Infant Care Center will mean moving some of their professionals upstairs. So we’re going to share the space together. As we do so, we’ll keep paying our rent for a few years at the current level to help their new early childhood programming get up and running. But just as importantly – there’s a great message here: when you come upstairs in the building in Scotch Plains you’ll see JCC and Federation professionals working in a shared space. A noisy space, true. But a shared, communal, vibrant space that reflects our shared commitment to Jewish life.
So look out for more vibrant, energetic programming in Union County, for more partnerships and successes for Federation and the JCC. And for a somewhat noisy, but really awesome, shared space.
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