This may be the most important video clip you’ll see all month. Yes, the lighting and sound aren’t great. Yes, the picture is a little wobbly. But in a month in which so many of us are focused on what’s happening in Israel, in which so many of us feel pain, loss, and the deep connection we have with those we have lost, it took a Diller participant, Shai Kartus, to inspire us and remind us of our values.

Staff Sergeant Matan Gotlib z”l was tragically killed in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge on July 30, 2014. Matan, the son of Shmulik and Ruchama, was a born leader. Admired by many, he was active in local community projects and his Tzofim Youth Group, helping disadvantaged children. He had been a Diller Teen Fellow in 2009. And his ties to our community are still very much alive.

Our Federation has opened a fund in his memory to support scholarships for Diller participants from Rishon Letzion. Earlier this month, Matan’s parents came to visit us and attended a special Federation reception in his honor.

Shai, one of Matan’s fellow Diller 2 participants, spoke at the event. Her words were – are – beautiful.

You can see the video below. And for more information, or to make a donation to the fund in Matan's memory, click here.

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