Lounging in the past and the future

There are people we celebrate with awards. And there are people we celebrate with honors. But some people have done so much in and for our community that we want to occasionally take a step back and find a way to thank them in a special way.

Lori and Steve Klinghoffer have done so much for our Federation and our community. They are both Federation Past Presidents, and their names are deeply embedded in nearly every leadership structure we’ve had. As immediate Past President, Lori has also been a mentor, guide, and counsel to me as a new Federation Exec.

So this last week we opened the brand-new, beautiful Klinghoffer Family Lounge, a lovely space on the second floor of our Whippany campus that serves as both a meeting center and a relaxing space. When you walk in you’re struck by two powerful messages. On one wall, we have a stunning view of our past – a large reproduction of a 1946 United Jewish Appeal comic. It’s a strikingly-colored story that … well, you just have to come in and read it to understand. On the other wall, we have a large set of pop-open frames. Every now and then we’ll ask the children and grandchildren (and other random children) of our Board members and professionals to draw something for us, so we can have our own art gallery of the future.

I hope you’ll come visit our new lounge. And share with me in our gratitude to Lori and Steve and their family for everything they do.


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