Grab some tissues

I love the GA – our national Jewish Federation system’s annual General Assembly. The GA is filled with inspiring moments and people. I leave every GA energized and impressed by our story. The 2015 GA was held earlier this week.

At the opening plenary we were fortunate to hear two stunning and emotional speeches – one by Canadian Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella and the other by journalist/author David Gregory. They are both available for you to watch here.

Chief Justice Abella, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, spoke about our responsibility to “make intolerance intolerable anytime and anywhere it occurs” and of her dream of a world in which all people can wear their identity with pride and dignity. Gregory spoke of his personal quest to answer the question “How’s Your Faith?” (which also happens to be the title of his recently published book) and of how his spiritual journey has helped him navigate the recent passing of his father and the upcoming bar mitzvah of his son.

Thank goodness our GMW “survival kits” (snacks, Purell, mints, wipes, etc.) also included packs of tissues. I suggest you grab some before watching these amazing speakers.

GA 2015: Canadian Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella

GA 2015: Television Journalist David Gregory


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