Get your hands dirty

Get ready for our second annual Volunteer Boot Camp.
We’ll have weekly opportunities for everyone to volunteer with our partner agencies in the community. Projects include volunteering with JESPY House clients, cooking with Daughters of Israel residents, working with Friendship Circle, and much more. All projects are free. And they’re open to anyone.
It’s a great way to meet new friends, do something amazing, and see the power of our community. You can prepare packaged meals, harvest on an urban farm, or create bridal bags. You can do yoga with adults with special needs or volunteer in a kosher food pantry. And lots more.
The chairs, Heidi Cohen, Deborah Jacob, and Ilana Adams, have put together an amazing array of volunteer opportunities. You can see the opportunities and RSVP here, and you can contact my colleague Lindsay Napchen for more details.
Make your summer hands-on.

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