Funding Our Priorities

We know there are issues that keep us awake at night. That reflect on who we are as a community and what we care about. What are our values.

For example:
How are we helping our elderly? How are we engaging families in Jewish life? How do we promote a caring community, addressing and overcoming obstacles faced by the vulnerable in Israel, at home, and around the Jewish world? And how do we effectively advocate for Israel?

Those are four key priorities we keep coming back to. And we’re willing to invest funds to meet these priorities.

Our Jewish Community Foundation can meet these priorities and supplement the critical work of our Annual Campaign. It's because of people who had the foresight to think about the future and leave gifts in their wills or estate plans. The Jewish Community Foundation is opening up its Targeted Funding Initiative for 2016. If you represent a Jewish organization or synagogue in our community we want you to succeed. The Foundation will award approximately $130,000 in grants (maximum request $20,000) to agencies and synagogues in Greater MetroWest.

If you’re creating a new or expanded program on one of these four priorities, with an innovative and engaging solution that shows community impact, you can apply.
If you’re building or enhancing collaboration with others, you can apply.
And if you’re leveraging or attracting new funding, you can apply.

There are guidelines and application tutorials that will guide you. If you are interested in applying, please contact my colleague Renie Carniol, Manager of Funder Services, for more information.


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