For our future

This is great news for our community and for its future.
Our Foundation’s Create a Jewish Legacy program just exceeded its first year goal – with still a month to go. We’re proud that the 15 partner organizations are working so hard to ensure they will remain vibrant long into the future. These partners are synagogues and Jewish agencies from around our community, so their success is our success.
All together these partners have secured 280 legacy commitments. This means bequests, retirement plan benefits, life insurance and other planned gifts from generous, forward-thinking donors. The estimated future value is more than $10.7 million!  And once these gifts mature they will represent an additional $530,000 being pumped into our community each year. Imagine the impact of that effort.
Create a Jewish Legacy is a service our Federation and Jewish Community Foundation provide to help build the infrastructure of our Jewish community. We’re proud to partner with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation “Life and Legacy” program to bring this vision of our future to the community. We’ve worked hard to provide professional training, marketing, incentivization programs, and ongoing mentoring to help our partner organizations obtain commitments for gifts.
As we continue to support the original group of 15, we also look forward to launching a second cohort later this year to spread the effort wider and deeper. You can see the list of current partners here.
These gifts from people in Greater MetroWest today will shape our community tomorrow. And for that we’re grateful.


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