Kibbutz Erez is a community of about 400 residents located in south-western Israel on the Gaza border. But this special Kibbutz is much more than that for us.

In 2001, during the Second Intifada, the region became a target for hundreds of kassam rockets and infiltration attempts by terrorists. With our strong connections to Israel and the Negev, we were looking for a community to partner with to show our solidarity and support. Almost immediately following our first visit to Kibbutz Erez, we knew that this plucky, spirited, and beautiful Kibbutz would be a perfect partner for Greater MetroWest.

Our ties to Kibbutz Erez are deep because we believe that no one should live in fear of a rocket attack. We believe that no one should worry about their children’s safety when they drop them off at kindergarten. 

Over the last 15 years, our Jewish Federation has again and again shown our commitment to Kibbutz Erez with the refurbishments of bomb shelters, construction of a safe room (a concrete reinforced, sealable room) and an attached library, renovation and reinforcement of the kibbutz’s medical clinic, and the donation of an emergency generator.

Recently, we had an opportunity to once again affirm our commitment to Kibbutz Erez and the values we share as the difficult security situation has continued.

In 2014, during Operation Protective Edge, Greater MetroWest raised over $1 million in emergency funds. Of this, $140,000 was set aside for the Protected Dining Room project on Kibbutz Erez. This project will provide a safe space large enough for all the Kibbutz residents to gather for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other celebrations without fear of rockets. Plans for this project are underway and just this past month, our Board of Trustees proudly voted on a resolution to send an additional $30,000 to Kibbutz Erez for an extra safe room attached to the dining room, further ensuring the safety of our partners, our family, on Kibbutz Erez.

At GMW, We Care, We Build, We Save isn’t just a motto – it’s a marching order, a call to action.

And we proudly Care, Build, and Save our family on Kibbutz Erez every day.

P.S. You can be a part of creating a GMW park in Kibbutz Erez by planting a tree to commemorate a simcha or in memory of a loved one.


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