Dream It – Believe It – Achieve It

The other day I was privileged to sit with the professionals of our Jewish Community Foundation during their staff retreat. Under the direction of my friend and colleague Daniel Staffenberg, and under the able chairmanship of Scott Krieger, our Community Foundation has grown to over $387 million. It’s the largest such Foundation in New Jersey.
This last year alone, on behalf of our fund holders and donors, the Foundation gave over $33 million in grants to some 1,000 worthy organizations (you can see how they did it in their annual report here), launched a New Professional Advisors Network, and welcomed many new families, agencies, and synagogues to the JCF family.
But it’s not just about money.

It’s about the future of our community.

It’s about the important role each and every one of us plays in securing and protecting the incredible achievements of what we’ve built.

We’re expanding the multi-generational family philanthropy program, to create more opportunities for new generations to get involved in and understand philanthropy.

Through our Donor Advised Funds we’re helping make philanthropy easy and effective, easing the check-writing burden and allowing more individuals and families to take advantage of our communal knowledge.

And we’re deepening our support for vital programs like Jewish literacy, camping, and synagogue life, because they help build a stronger Jewish community and raise more Jews here in Greater MetroWest. Our "Create a Jewish Legacy" is a significant investment by the Foundation in our community. Create a Jewish Legacy has welcomed 15 agencies, and represents a shared commitment by our synagogues, agencies and Foundation to work together to secure a more vibrant Jewish future.
All of this is because of you. And the dedicated professionals I sat with this last week.

For them, and you, I’m grateful. Thank you.

If you haven’t yet considered opening up a donor-advised fund – or, most importantly, if you haven’t yet had a conversation about what your impact and legacy can be – today’s the day. Give Daniel and his team a call – don’t just dream it and believe it…achieve it.

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