Do things you can be proud of*

There are Campaigns… and there are Campaigns.

But I’ve never seen a fundraising Campaign like this.

Our Federation professionals ran our own internal UJA fundraising campaign these last few weeks and raised $67,000 with 100% participation! You read that right. One hundred per cent.

I’m awed, inspired, grateful, and humbled to work in an organization whose professionals show their dedication not just in their time and talent, but also in their own giving.
My colleagues ran 88 face-to-face solicitations. They ran four mini-missions to see our agencies and programs at work.
They never lost sight of the goal.

It’s not too late to make your gift to the 2017 UJA Campaign, which closes at the end of the month. You can click here to make a donation (and thank you).

Federation professionalsMy deep gratitude to my colleagues Karen Carver, Lydia Dorsky, Jacci Goforth, Beverly Kestenbaum, Valerie Linardi, Marian Marlowe, Lindsay Norman, Melissa Simon, and Sarabeth Wizen. Their values and energy are shining through. And they make us proud.

*A quote from the inspiring Oseola McCarty, a local washerwoman in Mississippi, who created an incredible philanthropic trust for university scholarships. She said, “If you want to feel proud of yourself, you’ve got to do things you can be proud of.”


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