Compassionate One

I’m so proud – and so grateful – that our federation Board last night decided unanimously to send $20,000 to the French Jewish community to show our support in this critical time.

The funds, along with any funds raised in our France Emergency Fund, will go to our partners on the ground for supporting the victims’ families, enhanced security, Aliyah support, and community resilience. If you want to make a donation to the fund please click here. We’ll transfer all the funds directly and we’ll report to you shortly on how these funds are being used.

If you’re concerned about what happened in France, and you’re looking for more information, come join us next Thursday, January 22 at 7 p.m. We’re cosponsoring a presentation on "Rising Anti-Semitism Around the World," featuring Mark Weitzman, director of the Task Force Against Hate at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The free event is going to be at the Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael. We’re grateful to the sponsors – the synagogue, the federation’s Community Relations Committee, and the Holocaust Council of Greater MetroWest.

The other day we asked Rabbi Shmuel Greene of The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life to create a prayer to be recited before lighting Shabbat candles. We wanted to provide something for all our community to commemorate the victims and have a joint expression of support and prayer. Rabbi Shmuel adapted a moving prayer written by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz during Operation Protective Edge. I think the prayer below is beautiful. We sent it yesterday to all our synagogues and partners – I hope you find it meaningful:


Ruler of the Universe, Compassionate One, Sovereign of Justice, have mercy for Your children all over the world. Save them from those who wish them harm, safeguard them from death, protect them from danger, and shelter them from fear. Send Your light to mend the broken spirits of bereft orphans, of bereaved parents, of weeping husbands and wives, of grieving siblings, and of anguished friends who have lost those who are dear to them. Grant complete recovery to the wounded and the stricken and give courage and strength, hope and vision, to Your people and to Your land.

Bring justice to those who destroy: those who murder and those who incite, those who lead them and those who help them. Undo their plans of destruction and protect those whom they would harm.

Ruler of the Universe, enable the nations of the world to remove hatred from their hearts. Shine the light of truth on those who give credence to lies, and enlighten those who listen to rumors and false superstitions. Send the spirit of morality and justice into Your world. Help humanity to build and to plant, to support the merciful in righting the ways of the world.

Compassionate One, who is true to the Covenant, send a message of salvation and redemption to Your world, to comfort all of Your children, and bestow upon them an era of peace and blessing, light and joy.


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