This week is my anniversary.
I came to the United States 15 years ago on July 5. And a part of me always thinks of Independence Day as the erev (evening-before) celebration. Thanks for all the fireworks, everyone!
Seriously though, flying back from Israel this past week allowed me to think about what we have here. Because there are lots of opportunities in which we talk about the great work federations do. And there are other opportunities in which we take pride in the achievements of our leaders and agencies. In their accomplishments and successes. These past ten months, as CEO of our federation, have shown me an incredible array of dedication, commitment, and values. We do amazing things that no one else can do. The quality of our community’s human capital is unparalleled. We have great schools, synagogues, agencies, and organizations. A large part of our federation’s job – uncredited, unnoticed sometimes – is to build the capacity and strength of all our institutions so that we have a strong and vibrant community life.
Earlier this week I met with federal, state, and local authorities and we discussed issues of concern to our community. How we continue to ensure that strength and vibrancy. How we keep our community safe and secure. And in that meeting I felt a deep sense of gratitude for our police and federal authorities, our homeland security officials, armed forces, and all those who work day and night to keep us safe and protected.
This week, my anniversary, I felt gratitude for what we’ve built – and for those who help us build and keep it safe.

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