A New Year

It’s been an eventful year.

We started the year still focused on the shock and pain of Operation Protective Edge. With your help, we were able to support our Israeli family during the operation, including respite days, activities in the bomb shelters, psychological treatment, assistance for people with special needs and the elderly, and more. We helped with post-trauma workshops for lone soldiers from our own community. We recommitted our support to Kibbutz Erez, facing the threat of terror tunnels.  And we rallied and advocated for Israel’s right to defend itself.

We opened emergency campaigns for Jews suffering in Ukraine and France. And we opened emergency campaigns for Syrian refugees and those suffering after the earthquake in Nepal. We ran an extremely successful campaign to ensure that every Shoah (Holocaust) survivor in our community has the support and resources that he or she needs.

We set up a new department for Engagement & Outreach, a new department for Synagogue Liaison, and a new Men’s Campaign. We also expanded our Missions department, our Community Campaign, and our Events division. All this to reach more people in our community and connect them to what we have and who we are. We shrank our Board of Trustees and our Executive Committee because we have to be nimble and effective. We also launched some new branding – have you seen the hashtag #IamGMW recently? You’ll see more of it in the months ahead.

We supported 27 local agencies, 14 national agencies, and 4 international agencies. And we partnered with dozens of local synagogues on programs and activities that strengthen the community, help them with their own fundraising, build their leadership, and deepen the collaboration and cooperation that we need.

In the New Year we have a lot more to do. Together.

Our Federation does three things in the community that no one can do alone: care for those in need, build Jewish community and leadership; and save the world. One person at a time. We’re proud to partner with agencies and individuals who share that vision. Because we can only accomplish this together.

Thank you for all that you do to make our community a source of pride and hope.

On behalf of all of us, let me take this opportunity to wish you a sweet, happy, and healthy New Year.


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