Temple Hatikvah

Synagogue Information

Address: 58 Pleasant Hill Road, Mount Olive, New Jersey, 07836, United States Phone Number: (973) 584-0212 Email Address: Info@TempleHatikvahNJ.org School Email Address: Early Childhood Center Email Address: Website: http://www.templehatikvahnj.org
Affiliation: Conservative County: Morris Early Childhood Center: Yes Physically Accessible: No Accommodations for Hearing/Visual Disabilities: No Congregational School: Yes

About this Synagogue

Temple Hatikvah is an engaged and dynamic Jewish community, originally founded in 1969. As an egalitarian, Conservative synagogue we represent strong Jewish values with emphasis on education and social action. We provide an excellent Jewish education through our Hebrew School and Adult Education classes. We have B’nai Mitzvah classes for children as well as adults. We are an inclusive Congregation with members of varied levels of observance – Interfaith families and Jews by choice are an integral part of our synagogue family. We appreciate and welcome diverse family structures into our community. Come with us while we explore our Jewish identity together!