In light of the recent violence on the national scene, Federation asked the rabbis of Greater Metrowest New Jersey to provide their latest divrei torah, drashot, or other insights on the situation. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors alone.

No More Ashes

On July 15, 1937, 69 years ago, Nazi officials processed the first of what over the next eight years would eventually amount to just shy of a quarter million prisoners at Buchenwald Concentration Camp. On January 29, 1945, Elie Wiesel arrived with his father.

The Human Heart…A Thing of Wonder

Rabbi Mark Cooper -- Oheb Shalom Congregation

The human heart is a thing of wonder. It represents our ability to act ethically, to identify our conscience and do what is right, to make good decisions that are based on reason and fairness, and to express compassion and understanding.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. St. Paul, Minnesota. Dallas, Texas.

Rabbi Avi Friedman -- Summit Jewish Community Center

We can all agree on certain facts about what took place in those three cities last week. Seven people were shot and killed. The pain of those three incidents has been felt across our country. People across this country are angry.

Learning a Lesson from Korach

Rabbi Jess M. Olitzky -- Congregation Beth El

I often wonder where Korach went wrong. In last week’s Torah portion, Parashat Korach, Korach and his followers stand up to the leaders of the Israelites. Although he challenges Moses’ and Aaron’s authority with an ultimately unsuccessful…

River of Blood, Hearts of Tears

Rabbi Debra Smith -- Or Ha Lev Jewish Renewal Congregation

Eternal One! We call out to You! We gaze at rivers of blood in our streets And our hearts cry bitter tears.