Abbas Chooses Terrorists Over Peace: JFedGMW Troubled by Hamas-Fatah Unity

June 9, 2014

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ is greatly concerned about the formation of the Palestinian unity government, which is a setback to the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. The inclusion of Hamas, a terrorist organization, at any level of a Palestinian government, undermines the goal of the United States and Israel for a negotiated settlement for a two-state solution, a goal this Federation has long supported.

We urge Palestinian President Abbas to return to negotiations with Israel, and continue to hope for a future of stability in the region and a peaceful fulfillment of a two-state solution.

We urge the Administration and Congress to ensure that the U.S. government enforces its law that ensures no funding will go to a Palestinian government in which Hamas or other terrorist groups participate or has undue influence and to learn from past mistakes about early elections as when Hamas prevailed and violently evicted the Palestinian Authority from Gaza in 2007. We must ensure that no existential threats to Israel exist.


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