On the Ground in Israel and NJ

A personal view of our efforts in Israel from Amir Shacham, Associate Executive Vice President, Israel and Overseas

The Strategic Power of the Partnership

The concept of partnership relations between Greater MetroWest NJ and communities overseas is difficult to explain and hard to measure. What often confuses people is the fact that in partnership relations we are not talking only about specific, framed, isolated projects and their evaluation.…

A Real Big Hug

As I write this, almost 300 rockets were launched from Gaza to Israel within 15 hours.

Achi Israeli – My Brother Israeli

Achi Israeli is a program operated by our Federation and funded through a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation. It speaks directly to our Kedma agenda of promoting shared and cohesive society in Israel.

From the Gaza Perimeter

Yesterday, Parks Authority’s rangers found a dead bird, a falcon, on a tree near the Gaza border. There was a string attached to it leading to a flammable material. It was probably sent from Gaza in order to start yet another fire in the Negev.

A Mission to Ethiopia Filled with Unforgettable Moments

Until one explores and understands where the Ethiopian Olim families came from – and what they went through in order to come to Israel – one can’t understand the full story of this Zionist saga.