Sha'ar Negev

We just spent the last two hours visiting the high school in Sha'ar Negev, which is an ORT “smart” school. The teens gave us a tour. After a rocket hit three years ago ORT donated computers and SMART boards and were on hand with other technology. These kids are amazing and open. Though they live in an area that is a frequent target of rocket attacks from Gaza, the teens we met do not hate the Palestinians. Even through last week, when they were assaulted by bombs and had to run to the shelters on the school grounds, they accept the situation. Many are scared and nervous, but they love their school — it’s their second family — and living in the community. The teens are strong, proud, and resilient and set an example for us all. 


The current school was built in a piecemeal way. As more classrooms were needed, they were added on, as were shelters. The structures are not very strong. We visited the site just down the road of a state-of-the-art school campus that is scheduled to open in 2012. It will be very secure and quite wonderful.


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