Ayalim student village

I'm outside Sderot visiting an Ayalim student village near Yachini Moshav. Close by is Sapir College, which many of the student residents attend. These young adults are the new Zionist pioneers of Israel. Their vision is to develop the under-populated Negev and Galilee and the students are provided with 10,000 shekels a year for college in exchange for 400 hours of community service, helping the very young and elderly, and interacting with the community in social events and programs. The idea is that these students will make strong connections and after college stay on, start families, and become permanent members of the community. The initiative is supported by our overseas partners, the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and Keren Hayesod. There are currently 11 of these Ayalim villages throughout Israel with 600 young adults building simple homes, helping to work the land, and continuing the Zionist dream. Now we're off to Beer Sheva.


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