HaEmek Hospital in Afula serves a very diverse population. ORT provides computers and SMART boards for teaching the youngest patients at the hospital. The State of Israel made it mandatory to provide education for any child who must stay in the hospital more than one day. So, they created long distance learning centers that provide lessons for different ages in Hebrew and Arabic. The hospital school helps connect sick children with their healthier self.

We visited some children in hospital rooms who had laptops because they could not go to the classrooms. We saw a 14-year-old boy from Gaza being treated for cancer working on a long distance lesson. One of the major omissions in reporting by the media is the hundreds of Gazan children and adults who need medical treatment and who are transported to a hospital in Israel with costs covered by the Israeli government. Why aren't the news channels talking about the enormous humanitarian support available to those in need whether they live in Israel, Gaza, or the West Bank? We also met a little Arab girl of seven who had gone to the United States for a liver transplant and was getting follow-up treatment at the hospital. It was extremely moving and the world needs to know.


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