PCS-GC Meet the Israelis FY21_EBLAST graphic.jpg

Sunday, April 18, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


This virtual program – part of our Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration – gives teens the opportunity to experience genuine, open, unmoderated conversations with Israelis from many walks of life. Participants will be exposed to the cultural, ethnic, and political diversity of Israeli society.

Small groups of participants meet with each Israeli for a 20-minute conversation, moving in a rotation until they speak with all 6 Israelis. The conversations have only one rule – Ask Anything.

During these encounters you will be challenged, surprised, learn new things, and deepen your understanding of the multilayered diversity of Israeli society.

Questions? Contact Jacqueline Goforth at jgoforth@jfedgmw.org.