Jerusalem 50

2017 marks a Golden Anniversary, 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem connecting our 3,000-year-long rootedness with a city to our unlimited reach into our future.

Just about 5,777 miles to its west, here in Greater MetroWest, we invite you to join in celebrating the occasion through any or all of the opportunities we are offering.



If you have ever been to Jerusalem, please send us a photo that evokes a special memory or your favorite place. (We prefer Hi-res, 800 x 600 pixels, JPG format.) Tell us why this photo is meaningful to you in less than 50 words, and send it with your name, email, postal address, and home phone number to Subject: My Jerusalem. You may see your photo on our online communal photo album!


We invite you, your family, your men’s club, your mahjongg group – whomever! – to make a video recording of your rendition of the song “Jerusalem of Gold.” Send a video of up to 90 seconds (Format) with the name of your organization or group and the name, email, postal address and home phone number of the person submitting the video to,  subject: Sing Jerusalem. You may see your video on our online communal song collection!


For generations until the present, Jews world-over have focused their thoughts and prayers towards “Mizrach” (the East). The artist in you is invited to take part in a unique effort to re-focus people all over the world towards Jerusalem. Intrigued?  Read more.



If your congregation, school, or group is planning something special that is open to the community to mark this 50th anniversary date, send all the details to our Community Calendar so that others may join in. We will post that information on this page as well. You can find some helpful program resources at JCC Association of North America, the World Zionist Organization, and Reshut HaRabim.


It’s been 50 years – have you ever taken a moment to express to Jerusalem how you feel? Write your personal Love Letter to Jerusalem. Tell her what’s in your heart. Tell her what’s on your mind. Send your letter to us and we may share it with others on our “Love Letters to Jerusalem” section of this site. Please include your name, email, postal address – and, if you are under 18, your age. Let us know if we may include your name or not when you send your submission to


Our Federation offers talented educators who will be glad to visit your school, congregation, or communal organization to present a program, teach a class, or lead a guided discussion about Jerusalem’s past 50 years, Jerusalem’s past 3,000 years, the complex interaction of its people, and our interactions with them.

All of these offerings are free of charge in celebration of Jerusalem 50.

  • 7 Rishonim (young Israeli emissaries) who are familiar with our day schools and Hebrew schools are available. Their specialty is in working with children and teens – anywhere in Greater MetroWest.
  • 3 Community Shlichim are familiar with the Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform communities, as well as college students. 
  • And of course, our Senior Community Shaliach, Moshe Levi, is available to all.

To arrange for any of our Rishonim or Shlichim to work with your group, contact Moshe Levi,, 973-929-3108.

  • Our Director of Teen Initiatives, Yoni Glatt, has developed a unique presentation for this occasion, “Jerusalem at 50…at 500…at 5000.”  Contact Yoni at or (973) 929-2975.


Here is a slideshow of the photos that our community members have submitted. Enjoy!