An economically secure community of some 70,000 people, Ra'anana is northeast of Tel Aviv. Its relationship with Federation began in the late 1980s, when the two communities initiated and implemented the concept of direct absorption – bringing immigrants directly to housing in the community, rather than an absorption center, with full social services from the municipality. The successful program has been copied throughout Israel. Since then, other major collaborations include:

  • Establishment of MetroWest High School, which sends a contingent of students to visit the MetroWest community every year. 
  • Creation of the Lester Community Center. 
  • Series of Religious pluralism and Jewish Identity projects, including a supplemental Jewish studies program at the MetroWest High school; a TALI (enhanced Jewish curriculum) at an elementary school and kindergarten; seed money for construction of a Reform synagogue and educational programs; support for the Conservative Latin-American olim congregation; support for the Meitarim High School Bat Mitzvah program; Jewish Identity workshops for businessmen; Rosh Pina; Yesodot; and TALI and more.