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Policies and Procedures

Early Departures, Absences & Lateness 

An employee may need to leave the office in advance of the normal closing time or before a scheduled early closing time. In fairness to all employees, if you require leaving before the official closing time, this time will be considered time to be made up or deducted from available vacation days. If the time is to be deducted from available vacation days, please complete a Request for Leave form in Paycom. 

When the Federation is open, it is expected employees will be in attendance. If an employee is unable to come to work due to inclement weather, illness, or is delayed arriving to work, the employee will be required to use a vacation day, or sick day if the absence is due to illness, or to make up the lost time. If an individual requires special arrangements to work from home, his/her supervisor needs to authorize approval. 

When the agency closes early, either for holidays or inclement weather, and the employee is not present, a full vacation day or full sick day will be deducted from the employee’s accrued vacation/sick time. 

It is imperative that a Request for Leave form be completed in Paycom by all employees for all absences (vacation and sick leave).  


The atrium doors between the Gym and the rest of the building will be locked when meetings are not scheduled.  

Staff ID cards will unlock the card reader at the door for entry to Federation space.  You can always exit through the doors but will need the card to re-enter.  

Guests, Visitors, and Deliveries 

Guests or visitors that use that entrance should call the front desk on the intercom and the door will be unlocked from the front desk.  The security guard will be able to see the person through a camera and will question the visitor.  

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU NOTIFY Campus Management of all meetings and $Whippany Guest Notification of all expected visitors.  This will provide both the security guard and the guard booth with the names of those expected.  

Guest passes will be provided to visitors at the front desk.

Mailroom Guidelines  

The building’s continued safety is a priority. Please adhere to the guidelines below. 

  1. Absolutely NO personal packages may be sent to you here at work.  
  2. When you place an order for anything work related, please notify the mailroom in writing and provide the following information:  
  3. Vendor  
  4. Contents  
  5. Anticipated shipping/arrival date   

Meeting Planning 

If you are planning a meeting, discussion group, class, etc., which requires a set-up in one of the Campus meeting rooms, the follows steps are recommended to assure that plans run smoothly: 

  1. Submit a room reservation form as early as possible. This will assure a better chance of getting the space you need.
  2. If the reservation is for a series of dates, e.g. a class that meets weekly, a separate reservation form is needed for each date. Due to the large volume of reservations received we are unable to make additional copies of a single reservation.
    Please note: Incomplete forms (e.g. “set-up to follow”) will be returned to you.
  3. Check to make sure you have received a confirmation of your space request. If you do not receive confirmation in a few days, please check with Sari at Ext. 3004. It may have been lost or misplaced. Don’t wait until the last minute to find out that your space requirement was never entered. 
  4. On the day of the function, check the Daily Schedule as early as possible to make sure your event is listed. If there is no listing, check with Sari to find out if there is a mix-up in dates or if it was just accidentally left off the schedule. You can then work with staff to find space if there is a conflict. 
  5. Presuming that your event is on the schedule, one-half hour before the function, check to make sure all is in readiness. If there is a problem, call Sari Kirschner, Ext. 3004, Facilities Administrator, or have the maintenance staff paged at Ext. 3167, to remedy the situation. 
  6. Please refrain from posting announcements on any surface other than the kiosks designated for this purpose (on the side titled “Campus Events”). We want visitors to the Campus to realize that room announcements are available at the kiosks via the Daily Schedule. At no time is it acceptable to use scotch tape on any surface on the Campus. Masking tape is an acceptable alternative. Of course, if you have a special announcement that you want to give some prominence, please use an easel.  

With the above steps followed, all should be in readiness for your function.  


Employees can park in lots A, B & C. Lot B is exclusively for Employee parking.

Your car will need an access device to lift the gate for Lot B.  The device should be placed on the upper passenger side of your windshield, bar code facing the interior of the vehicle.  Make sure you peel off the paper to expose the adhesive on the back of the card where indicated.  If you peel the front and damage the bar code or microchip the device will not work.  The gate will lift for one vehicle at a time.  When you exit the lot at least one of the vehicle tires should go over the yellow bar.

Please make sure you alert meeting participants and other visitors to the campus to use Lot A or C.  When major events are scheduled on the campus the liftgate arm will be open in Lot B.

All employees need a RED parking sticker to park anywhere on campus. You will receive this on your first day of work.  The sticker should be placed on the upper left side of the windshield, the driver’s side, below the darkened glass of your windshield.   

Security Procedures 

When having a large event in the Conference Center, please let Security know the subject of the event along with who is sponsoring it. It helps to have a representative from the sponsoring department at the glass door to guide guests to the event location.

If an employee’s vehicle is to be left overnight, they should email John Bartolotta at $WhippanyGuestNotification with the following information; Make, Model, Color, and License number. Your vehicle must be parked in Lot A, near the entrance security booth so we can have a camera on it.

When expecting a visitor(s) or hosting an event upstairs in one of the conference rooms, an email must be sent to $WhippanyGuestNotification with the names of the guest(s) and where they are to go.  Do not call the Security desk and tell the Officer the names. If food is being delivered either personally and or for an event, an email to security is requested.  

When going out or entering the front doors, please DO NOT hold the door open to talk to someone at length. Also, do not hold the door open for someone whom you do not know who is trying to come in. Please let security do their job and vet them before they enter the building.   

Click here for our Emergency Procedures Guide 

Click here for the Department of Homeland Security Bomb Threat Checklist 

Smoke-Free Building  

There is no smoking inside the building or out front. The loading dock is off limits.