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The Holocaust Council of Greater MetroWest NJ was established with the goal of providing the resources and information necessary to educate our community about the Holocaust. We strive to honor both those that survived and those that perished during this horrific period. Throughout the area, the Holocaust Council is a leader in Holocaust Education, implementing and carrying out programming in public, private, and parochial schools through our Survivor Speaks Program and offering Holocaust human interest programming to our Greater MetroWest community.

Flagship Programs

The Holocaust Council’s Survivors Speak program has made a tremendous impact on thousands of students and adults who have heard from our speakers over the past 15 years. The program brings a Holocaust survivor, a World War II veteran, or a 2nd or 3rd generation survivor (child or grandchild of a survivor), along with a moderator, to schools to share their story. This program helps students recognize that there are different types of stories that come from the Holocaust and that it’s important to remember and retell these stories to future generations. The moderator provides historical context and moderates the Q and A session that follows the talk. Survivors Speak helps students meet STAJE Standards. Click here for more information.

The Holocaust Council created Twin with a Survivor to give b’nai mitzvah students the unique opportunity to personally connect with models of extraordinary courage, resourcefulness, and resilience who also exemplify a commitment to the Jewish community. These young people are the last generation that will have the privilege of meeting an actual survivor and hearing their stories first-hand. Participating in Twin with a Survivor assures that the bar/bat mitzvah process and ceremony will be meaningful for the participants, their families, and the congregation. It also fulfills several mitzvot, including becoming a witness and honoring the elderly. Twin with a Survivor makes a long-lasting impact on students and their families. Many enduring friendships have resulted from this program. Click here for more information.

Class Adopt a Survivor is a program designed to preserve and perpetuate the incredible and inspirational stories of Holocaust survivors. Through this program, a class, with the guidance of the teacher, learns about a Holocaust survivor’s life before, during, and after the Holocaust in order to create a project that tells the survivor’s story. At the conclusion, students pledge to continue telling their story in the years to come. Click here for more information.

Among the programs the Holocaust Council helps plan and facilitate are The Morris Rubell Holocaust Remembrance Journeys and the follow-up “From Learning to Action” annual seminars.

The journeys are one-day journeys to the USHMM in Washington, followed by a visit to the Lincoln Memorial and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Breakfast and dinner are served on the bus, lunch is eaten at the museum’s café and the day is fun but also highly educational and inspiring. The bus serves as a moving classroom and includes both Michael Rubell, the founder and president of Teamworks, Inc. and one or two survivors. The programs are free to schools.

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