Guest Blog

Happy Birthday Trees

It is a Jewish custom to plant trees for Tu B’Shevat. And this year we have an extraordinary opportunity to participate in that custom by supporting our partner community of Kibbutz Erez and plant a tree in Israel.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Through this mission you have a unique opportunity to visit meaningful sites of Jewish heritage in Poland and Israel with Holocaust survivors — to uncover and to learn about the past, and to see and celebrate our strength and vitality as Jews who have survived and flourished.

Something Above

The top of a sukkah must be made of a natural material that is porous, so that someone inside can look up at night and see the stars.

We Don’t Fall

It feels dark in the tunnel. But we don’t jump out. We make it through, we laugh, we soar, and we thrive.

Simply Brilliant

When you build, you appreciate design. When you learn what it takes, sequentially, to create, you sometimes marvel at the seeming simplicity of the end product.