Guest Blog 3

Eternal and Unconditional Love

A steady flame burned upon the large sacrificial altar within the Jerusalem Temple. That flame lent itself to every one of the thousands of sacrifices offered on that altar.

When Jews Run the Wrong Way

Why do so many of my justice-pursuing-Jewish-friends look upon jury duty as an escape room – something to get out of, and quickly? Why am I made to feel like a loser if I “end up” on a jury?

Remembering Rabbi Aaron Panken

In Pirkei Avot, we are instructed to “Find yourself a teacher, make yourself a friend.” Rabbi Aaron Panken was both teacher and friend. He could share complex concepts with alacrity, and also talk with humor and joy about his kids and his hobbies…

Philanthropy can change reality — It changed mine

Equality and shared society for Jews and Arabs in Israel deserves to be high up on the list of Israel’s priorities. The promise that Israel would be a “light unto the nations” is one of the state’s fundamental founding principles.

All Jews Are Responsible for One Another

Last week’s remarkable mission to Jewish Ukraine and Israel with the Global Connections Peoplehood group brought together program participants from Greater MetroWest and Arad, Israel, to see first-hand how our support is truly helping to sustain and build Jewish life in the former Soviet Union.