Negev Council

Negev Council develops our vibrant partnerships within this desert region in the southern part of Israel. For the past 20 years, Greater MetroWest has been the lead Federation in helping to make the desert bloom the Negev. Through Negev, we are strengthening our community partnerships in the region, including Ofakim/Merchavim, Arad, and Kibbutz Erez; maintaining capital projects to further economic development in the region; monitoring social service programs we support; and much more.

“In 1955 David Ben Gurion challenged the people of Israel to develop the Negev and make it flourish, and we have taken that challenge seriously.”

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See what’s happening in our partner communities in the Negev:

In addition to all the work we are doing through Global Connection, we provide extensive financial support for economic development in the Negev through The Ness Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation.