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a blog by Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, President

Federation – On the Ground in New Jersey and Israel

What do you do when your family is in trouble? When your landscape has changed and the places you know and love are in danger? You wait and worry. You watch the news, read the news, you check in on Facebook (and Twitter, if you tweet.) And you rely on community to come through.


Hard to kn…

Giving and Receiving Help

Giving and receiving. Helping and being helped. Noise and silence. Dark and light. The contrasts of the past two weeks have and continue to be stark and compelling. For nine days, our house was a small island of light and heat, because of our generator, installed the week before Hurricane Sa…

Why I Love What I Do

Almost every day since I started as chair of the UJA General Campaign, I am reminded of why I love what I am doing, and why I am so inspired by the work we do. This week was just one more example.


On Tuesday, I spoke at a Women’s Philanthropy event for the Jewish Federation of Somerset,…

You and Me and the Zionist Dream

Dear Amir,


With all of the brouhaha (or balagan?) last week regarding the Global Planning Table and Zionism I was reminded of our ongoing conversation about what it means to be a Zionist, especially for those of us who are Zionists but live outside the State of Israel. 


The rest is …

Dreams Come True

Since I last posted, I’ve started my new volunteer position — no trumpets sounded or anything like that, but on July 1, I woke up as the general campaign chair for the United Jewish Appeal of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.


I’ve been writing this blog while serving …