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a blog by Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, President

Feeling at home

In the face of continuing violence and tragic loss, we must remain determined to not let terrorism consume us. We will continue to go to Israel, to the place where we feel at home, to connect with the wonderful people and to see all of the important work being done there.

With a grateful heart

The tectonic plates that have been shifting underneath our feet in the Jewish world seem to be coming together to produce a moment where we understand that it is through the will and the passion of the individual that we can and will do our best work as a whole community.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

“The Days Between” by Marcia Falk is a wonderful companion for the Yam’im Noraim, the days from Rosh Hashanah to the close of the Neilah service of Yom Kippur, when we are supposed to contemplate the year gone by, apologize to those we may have injured or offended, and review the ways…

How we got to our vote on Iran

After several weeks of consultation, deliberation, and discussion, our Federation Board convened today and voted overwhelmingly to issue a statement urging rejection of the proposed Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Acharai Mot – Kedoshim

Sometimes, it’s really simple. I’d been asked to write a Shabbat message for the National Women’s Philanthropy Board for this week.