How Lucky We Are as a Jewish Community

So it’s May, and it’s a busy time. There are spring galas, tribute dinners and annual meetings for all of our local agencies and day schools, as well as the Annual UJA Benefit Concert this Wednesday night. I have to check and re-check my iCal (now you know exactly what kind of laptop I’ve got!) to make sure I show up at the right place at the right time.

What always comes to me as I slip on a pair of heels and move the necessary items to the smaller purse from the everyday workhorse pocketbook is how lucky we are as a Jewish community. Lucky to have such vibrant agencies, with wide-ranging and innovative programs and services. Lucky to have day schools that are the incubators for generations of committed Jews. Lucky to have a ground-breaking Jewish identity and education agency that is there for our kids from birth to age 18. Most of all, we are lucky to have so many committed individuals, both lay leaders and staff, who make all of this possible. I actually look forward to going to all of these spring events, because it is an opportunity to be with the people who care about the things I care about – a strong Jewish community.

See you somewhere soon!


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