Heart to Heart – Women’s Mission

So it’s January. The snow is dirty/slushy/annoying. The kids are back at school (or are on that boondoggle of all time, January interterm, meaning at my house instead of back at school.) Work is, well, work — paid or unpaid. The television is hocking us about diets, exercise, and good health habits. Blah! Want something to look forward to? How about a women’s mission to Israel? (Even if you are a guy and can’t go yourself, what a way to make someone you love smile!) How does this look to you?


This is a picture I took on last winter’s Heart to Heart Mission as we were finishing a jeep trip through the center coast of Israel, near Cesaerea. Now every woman in MetroWest has the opportunity to take a similar picture, because we’re going again!


Join MetroWest Women’s Philanthropy and the National Women’s Philanthropy board from February 12–17 on what will be an invigorating, inspiring, and inclusive visit up and down the length of Israel (I’d say width, but it doesn’t take all that long to do!) on the second Heart to Heart Mission.


I went last year (check the archives for last January’s blogs) and I’m going again. This mission is intended for women of all ages who haven’t been to Israel or who haven’t been in a long time as well. It’s also for women who want to learn more about what connects the North American Jewish community with Israel, with a special focus on meeting our Israeli women counterparts. You will meet women from all over North America and we’re going to places I’ve never been before, even though this will be my 14th or 15th trip to Israel.


Ellen Goldner is the MetroWest mission chair. I can tell you from personal experience that Ellen is the best at making missions fun and friendly; at the end of our time together, we will feel like family! Learn more at the Heart to Heart website or contact Robin Leitner (Women’s Philanthropy’s wonderful campaign associate who is staffing this mission), at rleitner@ujcnj.org or (973) 929-3035. But hurry — registration will be closing very shortly.


I hope you can join me on this exciting journey. I promise you it will be spectacular. And, if you can’t come, you know you’ll be seeing the pictures and reading the stories right here.


Don’t let the winter blues get you down!


Happy New Year!




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