From My Heart to Yours

We are just finishing our second full day of our Heart to Heart mission, 90 women from federations all over North America visiting all over Israel. Today was spent in the north, and what I'm taking away from a very packed day are the faces of teenagers.


Maor, the young man we met at a JDC program for youth at risk, has a firm handshake and a light in his eyes after learning how to run a small business. The young staff people who work at an herb and spice farm, started with the assistance of the JDC, who would otherwise have to leave the beautiful Jezreel Valley to find employment. And finally, the young Ethiopian teens who have an afternoon program sponsored by the Ethiopian National Project (ENP) five days a week. I met Avre and Chen, both 18, who plan on entering the IDF and then attending university, something that they might not be thinking about but for the support and assistance they receive at this ENP center.


All of these smiling faces and the dreams you can see in their eyes are made possible by our dollars. I have the joy of seeing this in person, but each of you is responsible for their success. As we say here in Israel, todah rabah — thank you so much!




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