Bringing a Bit of Bling to Winter

Okay, we are definitely in a long stretch of gray here in MetroWest, at least weather-wise, and from what the forecasters are saying, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. From where I’m sitting however, looking at what’s going on inside Women’s Philanthropy rather than outside my window, there is plenty of excitement, warmth and color. In just the first two days of this week, Women’s Philanthropy has had a get-together of the women about to leave for Cuba (that’s where the warmth comes in!), we’ve had the first Women’s Awareness Day committee meeting (our speaker is Dani Shapiro, whose new book, Devotion, is a big hit – excitement!), and the planning for Spring Fling continued at a meeting held in the café of the Cooperman JCC – wait until you see the eye-catching invitations – bright green lettering lets you know that spring really is lurking around a corner somewhere! And we’d all like to be able to attend the MetroWest Florida Reunion in two weeks – it’s got to be warmer there than here, even if it’s been chillier than normal in our southern outposts.

In addition to bringing warmth, excitement and color to a dreary February and March, all of these endeavors have something else in common. They are all being chaired by wonderful lay leaders, supported by our amazing staff. I am so excited to be working with all of them. As president of Women’s Philanthropy, my job is to envision the big picture, set the tone for the year and then empower the vice presidents and the chairs to put it all into action and bring it to life.

Wendie Poscowe, Anna Fisch and honorary chair Betty Feinberg have devoted great effort and thought to make the Cuba mission meaningful and memorable – and it will be, in no little way because of Sarabeth Wizen and Neimah Tractenberg’s attention to detail – and Sofya Iosiovich’s emails, keeping us all on track.

Cynthia Geller and Brenda Golombeck are off and running with Women’s Awareness Day, with Shay Rodney at their side and we can’t wait to see all of you on Friday April 30. Many more exciting details to come about one of Women’s Philanthropy’s signature days, which will include the presentation of the Maxine Fisher Scholarship Award.

Spring Fling has four women at the helm – Jodi Murnick and Melody Fuhr from Young Women B’Yachad and Jamie Ramsfelder and Stacey McGarr from Young Leadership Division. After meeting with them this week, I can promise that the night of April 15 will not only be a great night to honor Cohn Award winners Adina Brownstein and Jonathan Ramsfelder, but will also take us on an exciting new path. Rebecca Hoffman and Robin Leitner are helping make their dreams into reality.

And finally, Esther Rosenberg Simon and Fran Ticker, two of my absolute favorite MetroWest women, who have been friends and mentors since I first got involved in both federation and synagogue life, readily agreed to chair the MetroWest Florida Reunion when I asked them. (If you’ve ever asked anyone to take on a volunteer job, you know how good it is to hear “Yes, of course” at the other end of the phone line!!!) The reunion is an effort by all of the MetroWest campaign staff and at some point in the life of this blog I plan to write about all of the work they do to keep our community running – except that there really are no words to describe how hard they work and with what devotion they serve.

So that’s a small piece of what’s happening here in MetroWest and some of the women making it happen. There’s always room for more and if any of the committees above sound like something you’d like to be a part of, just let me know!

Stay warm, dry and safe – and get excited for the spring!



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