May 30, 2024

Empowering Our GMW Teens 

In today’s dynamic world, providing meaningful opportunities for teenagers to connect with their heritage, develop leadership skills, and foster a sense of community is more important than ever. Our Federation offers a robust array of teen programs designed to enrich the lives of Jewish teens. We empower Jewish teens to care, build, and save our Jewish world one step at a time. 

Applications are open for many of these programs now for participation next year!

Diverse and Inclusive Programming. We emphasis and embrace our values of belonging and diversity to ensure that every teen can find something that resonates with them. Whether they are looking to deepen their understanding of Jewish traditions, engage in social action, or strengthen leadership skills, there is a program right for them. 

Leadership Development. One of the cornerstone offerings is our Teen Leadership programs. These initiatives are designed to cultivate the next generation of Jewish leaders by providing teens with the skills and confidence they need to lead. Programs like Diller Teen Fellows and Teen Israel Leadership Council (read a blog by participants in the current cohort) offer intensive training and hands-on experiences that emphasize leadership, Jewish identity, and advocacy. These programs not only prepare teens for future leadership roles within the Jewish community but also in their broader lives. 

Social Action and Philanthropy. For teens passionate about making a difference, the Federation’s Social Action and Philanthropy programs are particularly compelling. Through initiatives like Iris Teen Tzedakah and Mitzvah Mania volunteer opportunities, teens are educated on important issues facing the Jewish community and the world at large. They are empowered to give back and engage in meaningful social action projects, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment. 

Peoplehood and Relationships. Federation also offers a variety of Global and local bridge building programs that allow teens to explore and celebrate their Jewish heritage with similar and differing teens. Pilot programs such as IsraelNow, Desert Wolves, Student 2 Student, and Interfaith Teen Leaders, enable teens to connect with their peers worldwide and local to build relationships and expand the circle of community. These experiences are not only enriching but also help to foster a deep sense of connection to the broader Jewish and non-Jewish community. 

At its core, Jewish Federation’s teen programs emphasize the importance of community. By participating in these programs, teens have the opportunity to build lasting friendships and create a supportive network of peers who share their values and experiences. This sense of community is vital for personal growth and helps teens feel a strong sense of belonging within the Jewish community. 

The impact of these programs extends far beyond the teenage years. Alumni of the Federation’s teen programs often continue to be active in Jewish communal life and take on leadership roles in their communities. The skills, experiences, and connections gained through these programs provide a solid foundation for future success and engagement. 

If you are a teen or know a teen who could benefit from these enriching experiences, consider exploring Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ’s teen programs. With a commitment to fostering growth, leadership, and community, these programs offer invaluable opportunities for personal and communal development. 

To learn more and get involved, visit the Jewish Federation’s Teen Programs page. Embrace the chance to be part of something meaningful and transformative.