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Template Event as of October 2023

Date: Saturday, October 7
Time: 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm (EDT)
“Zoom” or “[Name of City*]

[Description, including speakers, appropriate age range, etc.]

Cost: $## <<< (if applicable) — either way, ensure “Cost” field is EMPTY (not just set to “0”)

*Address provided upon registration <<< for in-person events

Additional items to confirm:

  • permalink is brief and does not include “JFEDGMW” or Department acronyms
  • review excerpt to include consistent with main content of description
  • Button Text Override field = “Register” once registration form code is added
  • URL = #register and jumps to registration form code

Info on categories and tags (additional details here):

  • Categories:
  • Tags:
    • solidarity = Israel at War page
    • ng = NextGen calendar
    • wp = Women’s Philanthropy calendar
    • mg = Major Donor calendar
    • vol = Volunteering calendar
    • mania, motm = Mitzvah Mania and Mitzvah of the Moment: while already series, the tag allows us the ability to present specific mitzvah mania projects on the motm shortcoded page (vice versa) 
    • centennial = Centennial events calendar
    • exclude = hidden from community calendar, while able to be presented on short coded calendars when additional tag is included. (for example, THIS SAMPLE EVENT is tagged “exclude” 😉)
We support and #StandWithIsrael as we continue to build a strong Jewish community here in NJ

Questions? Contact ___ at _____.

In support of the 2024 United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Annual Campaign and the Emergency Fund for Israel <<< if applicable

Event Chair(s): Name(s) Here

Event Committee

Name(s) Here <<< (list or paragraph form if large committee)

Security at Federation Events

The Greater MetroWest Community Security Initiative (CSI) is coordinating all security with local police departments. As with every Federation event, every available resource is being utilized to ensure our safety. Two important items of note:

  • Backpacks, luggage, or large purses will not be allowed inside. We encourage you not to bring a bag, if possible, or to bring a very small bag. All bags will be subject to search.
  • Please do not share Federation events on Facebook Live or any other livestream platform.

[add registration form code here]

Building an inclusive community is a priority. Please email federation@jfedgmw.org to let us know if you require an accommodation to meaningfully participate in an event. One of our Federation professionals will reach out to you to learn more.

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