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Synagogue Leadership Seminar

Date: Tuesday, February 1
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (EST)

Rethinking Synagogue Committees

Is your leadership team best positioned and structured to move your congregation forward through today’s challenging and transitional times? In this seminar, Nanette Fridman, a strategist and coach for values-driven organizations and leaders, will explore how to rethink synagogue committees. We will discuss when and how to review your committees, examine the role and limits of the executive committee, explore what makes committees effective, and develop strategies to attract committee members. Bring your toughest committee challenges to problem solve! 

Registration is required. Zoom information provided upon registration.

Nanette Fridman is a strategist and coach for values-driven organizations and leaders. Her work specializes in governance, fundraising, strategic planning, and leadership development. She is the author of two books on nonprofit boards and a frequent speaker on synagogue leadership. Before founding Fridman Strategies, Inc., she was a corporate attorney and helped her firm launch its Israel business practice.

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