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Celebrating Israel@75 at Temple B’nai Abraham

Date: Monday, May 1
Time: 4:15 pm - 6:00 pm (EDT)
Temple B’nai Abraham

TBA invites the community to share in a celebration of Israel. A beautiful event to honor Israel’s 75th birthday followed by a taste of Israel dinner.
TBA will be raising 75 flags along our entrance driveway.

Families will participate through:

Join us for an exploration of our homeland, as we ”bake”, decorate, and build our way through 75 year’s of amazing Jewish history. The afternoon starts with an Israeli song and dance festival. Then, we gather to learn about the years through an edible timeline. Participants will be given a card of a person/place/ event from Israel history. They can then represent their year through these hands-on ways:

  1. Make an edible postage stamp to represent your important person/place/ event and place it on our edible 75-year timeline
  2. Make a kotel brick to represent an era in our Israel history and help us build the historical kotel
  3. Take a picture in our Israel photo booth
  4. Ancient Israel STEM challenge: work in groups build a replica of Masada. Can you do it?

At the end of the event, prior to dinner, participants will gather around as we sing Hatikvah, attach our cards, events to the outside flags.

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