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News & Events > B’nai Shalom: CLC Presents-The World of Our Great Grandparents

B’nai Shalom: CLC Presents-The World of Our Great Grandparents

Date: Saturday, April 23
Time: 12:40 pm - 1:40 pm (EDT)
B’nai Shalom Morris and Miriam Hammer Campus

The World of Our Great-Grandparents: Salient Aspects of the History of Polish Jewry Learn with us on the last day of Passover at a presentation by Ken Blady
Jews traditionally never lived in Russia! After the early Rus (Vikings) from Sweden conquered the land they would call Russia, and converted to Orthodox Christianity, they decreed that Jews were forbidden to settle in their territories. The great overwhelming majority of Eastern European Jews in the late Medieval period lived in the Polish Commonwealth, which included Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Only after the Russian empire annexed a huge chunk of Poland in the late eighteenth century were the Czars suddenly faced with a serious “Jewish problem.”
Some topics touched upon in this presentation:
•Origin theories of Ashkenazi Jewry
•The culture of the shtetl
•Khmelnicki and Haidamak Cossack pogroms (1648 and 1760)
•Sabbathian and Frankist heresies
•Chassidism vs. Misnagdism
•The partitions of Poland (1772-1795)
•Chafing under the Tsars: The Pale of Settlement and the stampede to New Worlds

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