CRC: Advocacy in Action

The Election Is Over, but CRC’s Work Continues

Exactly two weeks ago, as record numbers of voters went to the polls during midterm elections, I entered the voting booth for the eighth time since becoming an American citizen. It’s an act of citizenship that, for an immigrant, even one from a democracy like Canada, still brings me a…

Bringing Legislators on the Trip of a Lifetime

The New Jersey Legislators Mission brings a group of our elected leaders to Israel to learn about the complexities of the region, discover opportunities for economic and academic partnerships, and meet with Israelis from all sectors of society and of all political stripes.

Reflections on AIPAC Policy Conference 2018

AIPAC provides a forum and a model for how to reach across the political aisle, engage in meaningful discourse, celebrate commonalities, acknowledge the disagreements but never lose sight of our shared goal of a strong and secure Israel supported by a healthy U.S.-Israel alliance.

A Front Row Seat During a Historic Week in D.C.

Our delegation of 16 community members happened to be in D.C. during an action-packed week of legislation and announcements. We saw first-hand how advocacy and relationship building matters.

CRC Lobbying Mission Heads to Washington, D.C.

A delegation of 16 community members heads to D.C. to meet with our elected congressional leaders and lobby on the issues of critical importance to our Jewish community