CRC: Advocacy in Action

The Power of Relationships

Federation is showing GMW teens and college students that they have the ability to help shape and impact the strength of the U.S.-Israel alliance by speaking with legislators, opinion makers, and campus leaders who will one day populate the halls of power.

In Rejecting BDS, Livingston’s Town Council Affirms Core American Values

It’s been four and a half weeks since our national election. With many of us focused on the aftermath of a divisive presidential race, you may have overlooked one small but decisive vote against hatred, hypocrisy, and exclusion that was registered last month in the town council of Livingston.

The Election Is Over. Now What?

On a sleepless night last Tuesday, as the contours of an historic electoral decision began to take shape, my mind drifted back to a lower Manhattan courtroom, where – 15 years ago – I took the oath to became an American citizen.

Racial Justice Has Always Been a Jewish Issue

The Jewish community has always been a strong partner in fighting for racial justice throughout the United States, be it on educational reform, ending segregation, the civil rights movement, and the enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. It is now time for us to join with those working in…

Join the #HT Challenge and Stop Human Trafficking Around the Super Bowl

The Challenge is to spread the word about human trafficking leading up to the Super Bowl and then joining together to make the topic go viral during halftime.