JSDD, JESPY, JVS, JFS MetroWest, and JCC MetroWest, our partner agencies serving adult with disabilities, continue their work engaging and connecting with their clients each day through phone calls and virtual meetings. Our Greater MetroWest community members with disabilities continue to stay connected, learning and feeling supported.

Jewish Vocational Service
If you are off work due to Covid-19 in NJ, these benefits are available
If you find yourself out of work, JVS is here for YOU.

JCC MetroWest
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JCC of Central New Jersey
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JFS MetroWest
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Ways to Spend Family Time Together

Spring is in full bloom, and the longer and warmer days mean more opportunities to spend family time outside. Here are some suggested ways to turn off the technology and get messy as summer approaches.

In the Kitchen

  • Host a smoothie challenge between siblings, parents, or make teams if you have enough family members. Use frozen and fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds – be creative, and don’t forget to write down the recipe for next time!
  • Conduct a cooking class. Teach the kids an old, or just favorite, family recipe and maybe eventually they’ll make dinner for YOU!
  • Try this no bake Cookies and Crème Ball recipe and try not to eat them all! Click here for the recipe.
  • Make your own ice cream in a bag.
  • Bake a challah.

Treasures, Rocks, and Nature – Oh My!

  • Collect rocks as you take walks, or in your backyard, and paint them with inspirational pictures or sayings. Use these to create a family rock garden with the rocks you’ve painted. Don’t forget to take a picture to remember this special time!
  • Make a treasure box with materials you have at home and in nature! Decorate a shoebox and go on an adventure collecting rocks, acorns, twigs, pinecones. Eric, insert photo
  • Go on a botany adventure! Take a walk and try to draw and identify local plants and flowers.

Let’s Get Physical…

  • Create obstacle courses using use hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, tunnels, chairs, sports balls and assorted equipment. The sky is the limit!
  • Start a fitness challenge – indoors or out – jump rope, wall sits, running up and down steps, long jump, plank, sit-ups, pushups, etc. Team up – kids versus adults to see who has the muscle!
  • Create a sensory box or ball Grab some plastic bins and fill them with rice, beans, buttons, beads, feathers, slime, or even dough. Hide some favorite toys inside and let the kids dig! To make a sensory ball have the kids fill balloons or plastic bags with dough, water beads, glass beads or slime, close tight, decorate and commence SMUSHING.


  • Make a suncatcher
  • Plan an art show by challenging your children to draw a picture and then make it come alive with materials from your house or backyard.

Additional resources:

For family friendly virtual programming offerings follow PJ Library Facebook and Instagram, and One Happy Camper NJ Facebook and Instagram. Questions? Contact Andrea Bergman, Director of PJ Library & Community Engagement Coordinator at (973) 929-3128.