Your business will be front and center

When you partner with Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, your firm receives tremendous publicity and exposure to some of the most affluent and influential business people in New Jersey.



PARTNER2PARTNER and Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ are making a tangible difference in the lives of people in our community — people who are your clients and customers.

As a Federation partner, your firm will be recognized for its commitment to building and maintaining a caring community and for your support of our mission. Federation donors are people who want to do business with companies that care about the causes they believe in.

This means that your business will be rewarded with an expanded customer base and the satisfaction of helping more people than you can ever imagine. The largest Jewish philanthropy in New Jersey, Federation raises approximately $22 million annually through contributions from 126,000 residents in Essex, Morris, Sussex, Union, and parts of Somerset County.


Your partnership enables us to:

  • Help a child that is disabled feel included at camp, in a synagogue, or at Hebrew school
  • Counsel a family in crisis
  • Ensure an elderly couple can remain, supported, in their home
  • Supply lifesaving humanitarian relief to places near and far devastated by natural disasters
  • Combat human trafficking


Through PARTNER2PARTNER, you improve lives every day in many ways. Thank you.

Harriet Gimbel, Development Officer

or call: (973) 929-3110
fax: (973) 884-7361