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David Hyman

"If you become involved by devoting your time, opinions and/or expertise, your participation will be productive, gratifying, impactful and appreciated."

When did you get involved with Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ?

My relationship with Federation began over thirty years ago when my wife, Ellen, and I traveled to Israel as part of a Federation Mission. That led to my participation over several years on various committees and task forces charged with determining Federation’s annual financial allocations, or grants, to local and overseas beneficiary agencies. I eventually became a member of Federation’s Board of Trustees.

How are you involved?

In addition to serving on the Board, I am presently Federation’s Assistant Treasurer, a member of the Executive Committee, and Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee. In those capacities, I also participate on other related committees such as Audit, Insurance & Risk Management, and, continuing my involvement with granting funds to beneficiary agencies I also sit on the Unified Allocations Council.

When you last participated in an event or made a donation, how did that make you feel? What inspires you to give?

Federation’s role in directly impacting thousands of lives through programs and financial support is awe inspiring. To personally play a small role, whether by attending or supporting those programs, helping to guide Federation through service on various committees, or by making a financial contribution, is truly gratifying. Seeing the impact Federation has on the many people and agencies benefiting from Federation’s work and financial support inspires me to continue to give of my time and for my family to contribute financially.

What motivates you to stay involved?

The challenge to innovatively and effectively respond to the changing needs of the community. For example, when the COVID pandemic struck, Federation mobilized to provide immediate and substantial financial aid and other support to our community and to those beneficiary agencies in the front lines of providing food, services and mental health support to those hit hardest by the crisis. Federation had the infrastructure, know-how and funds, thanks to our generous donors, to step up before being asked and we made a meaningful impact.

What do you wish other people knew about Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ and the work we do together?

Through the work of its dedicated professionals and lay leadership, Federation directly touches many Jewish lives here and abroad in a multitude of meaningful ways, many of which, but not all, are described at Federation’s website and in its Annual Report . I wish the community knew more about the specifics of Federation’s work and could see how much time and effort is expended by people with the substantial background, experience and expertise to so positively impact our community.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting involved with or donating to Federation?

If you become involved by devoting your time, opinions and/or expertise, your participation will be productive, gratifying, impactful and appreciated. If you donate, your gift will be used to support the Jewish community where it is most needed, your gift will make a real impact on people’s lives, and you will enjoy the feeling of having made a difference.