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Ensuring Our Community’s Safety

Gloria and Jesse Weissberg Community Security Initiative

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Working to ensure safety and resilience through partnership, preparedness and vigilance.

“The GMW Community Security Initiative (CSI) not only assesses the physical security measures of our Jewish communal institutions, but also offers educational resources and training programs that empower individuals and organization to recognize and respond effectively to potential risks. By investing in community security, Federation helps to create an environment where Jewish individuals can worship, learn, and engage in communal activities with confidence and peace of mind.”

— Thomas “Chip” Michaels, Chief Security Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

Learn how we’ve made community institutions more secure.

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Securing state and federal funding
Physical and threat assessments at synagogues, agencies and more.
to keep NJ nonprofits safe.
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Train Today, Save Lives Tomorrow

Dorit Zimerman|October 4
Security training empowers communities with the skills to identify potential risks, make informed decisions, and take appropriate actions....