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Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ’s resource for connecting you to the services you need.

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JESPY House’s Work Readiness and Employment Engagement – Receive a well-rounded vocational program that encourages community inclusion through local training sites and employment opportunities in Greater MetroWest. (973) 762-6909

Jewish Vocational Service of MetroWest NJ – Learn how to overcome barriers to employment by getting the tools and training necessary to prepare for, search for, find, get, keep, and excel in a job. (973) 674-6330

Jewish Family Service Central NJ – Work with a career counselor and get assistance with job searches, printing resumés, interview preparation, utilizing social networks, and support groups. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

Community Career Center – View job openings throughout the community. Visit the career center.


Chaplaincy of Greater MetroWest – Find a chaplain to help provide spiritual care in area hospitals and senior living facilities. They are available to speak with patients and family members throughout the community. Email [email protected]

Jewish Family Service MetroWest NJ Care Consultation – Receive free telephone-based care designed to serve family caregivers as well as the care recipients. Care Consultation focuses on the unique needs of each family. Serves residents of Essex, Morris, and Sussex Counties. (973) 637-1740


Jewish Family Service Central NJSupport Coordination assists individuals with disabilities and seniors in gaining access to programs and services that will help them achieve your hopes and dreams and live a meaningful life. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

Jewish Family Service MetroWest NJ – Receive services for children and adolescents of all ages and abilities. Services are delivered by a highly trained staff of licensed social workers and clinicians specializing in child and adolescent development. Residents of Essex, Morris, and Sussex Counties. [email protected] / (973) 765-9050


Daughters of Israel (Residential Program) – Find treatment for you or a loved one who is suffering from memory impairments due to Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders from The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey Special Care Unit at Hirsch Pavilion (973) 731-5100

JCC MetroWest’s Littman Memory Center – Participate in activities that encourage socialization, education, and recreation and recognizes the needs of caregivers by providing respite, guidance, and assurance that they are not alone. [email protected] / (973) 530-3491

JFS Central’s Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Program – Receive individual counseling, family counseling, support groups (in English and Spanish), clinical consultation with a nurse, and home health aide services. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

JFS MetroWest – Receive counseling and resources to help you through the caregiving journey and join Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Groups in conjunction with Alzheimer’s New Jersey in Essex and Morris Counties. Residents of Essex, Morris, and Sussex Counties. [email protected] / (973) 765-9050

Jewish Community Housing Corporation (Residential Program) – Find specialized dementia-safe apartments that provide individual customized care models, advanced technology, and experienced staff at Lester Senior Housing in Whippany.


Federation’s Greater MetroWest ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) – ABLE supports and advocates for individuals with disabilities and their families. Individuals with disabilities and families, educators, lay leadership, and community professionals can receive consultative services. Discover a series of workshops for parents and caregivers on a variety of topics. supports and advocates for individuals with disabilities and their families. Visit our YouTube Channel

LifeTown (Friendship Circle) – Find respite, social, and recreational programs for children and teens with special needs in a 53,000 sq. ft. recreational, therapeutic and educational center that caters to the needs of all children, teens, and adults. [email protected] / (973) 251-0203

JCC of Central NJ – Find accommodations for individuals with disabilities that offer opportunities to participate in community programming and inclusive camp programs for children and teens with disabilities at Camp Yachad. [email protected] / (908) 889-8800

JCC MetroWest – Sign up for day habilitation, recreational, and social opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, as well as children’s programs (includes inclusive camp opportunities). [email protected] / (973) 530-3478

JESPY House – Achieve your full potential and lead an independent life with residential, recreational, vocational and clinical support services for adults with learning and developmental disabilities. (973) 762-6909

Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD) – Receive kosher, supportive residential, day habilitation, and therapeutic services. (973) 272-7148

JFS Central – Get access to several support groups for caregivers and siblings of individuals with a developmental or emotional/behavioral disability. Includes support coordination services. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected]

JFS MetroWest – Learn about services for children with learning differences and specials needs, caregiver and sibling support groups, support coordination for individuals eligible through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities and coordinated care for family members. (973) 765-9050 / [email protected]


JFS Central – Receive counseling services if you are in need. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

Rachel Coalition (division of JFS of MetroWest) – Provides to assist victims of domestic violence and those living in high-conflict households, includes individual, child-focused, and group counseling; legal assistance; referrals for shelter w/kosher provisions; education & outreach; and social work services. (973) 740-1233.


JFS Central and Jewish Federation developed Project CEASSE (Combatting Elder Abuse through Supportive Services and Education) – Learn about elder abuse, how to prevent elder abuse, and to receive supportive services and intervention, if and when, such abuse occurs. Designed to educate people in the community, professionals, and older adults themselves. JFS Central serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

JFS MetroWest – Receive counseling services for anyone in need. Serves residents of Essex, Morris, and Sussex Counties. [email protected] / (973) 765-9050


Hebrew Free Loan of NJ – Members of the Greater MetroWest Jewish community can apply for interest free loans for many purposes, except for student loans. Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey holds to the highest standard of confidentiality. (973) 637-1739

JFS Central’s Financial Management Team – Those struggling with financial needs due to job loss receive guidance to help manage the changes in finances due to Covid-19. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

JFS MetroWest – Will work with you to fully understand your financial distress as well as budgeting, planning, and referrals to community resources. Financial assistance may be offered to help you through a critical time. The JFS Healthcare Emergency Relief Fund and the JFS Safety Net Fund provide eligible clients with access to emergency assistance to meet their needs. [email protected] / (973) 765-9050


Bobrow Food Pantry (at Oheb Shalom Congregation) – Receive kosher food if you are in need. Serves more than 200 needy families in the Greater MetroWest area each month. (973) 762-7067

JFS Central’s Charlotte Shak Food Pantry – Access to delivery services for seniors and disabled individuals. The Food Pantry is fully stocked to accommodate the public during the COVID-19 emergency situation. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties [email protected] / (908) 352-8375


JFS Central’s Home Health Aide Program – More than 80 certified home health aides and homemakers under the supervision of seven registered nurses provide services. Option for a private pay program, Caregivers at Home, for individuals who may exceed income requirements. For Caregivers at Home contact Maria Mullen at [email protected]. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

JFS MetroWest’s Family Caregiver Services – Receive Care Consultation, Geriatric Care Assessments, Geriatric Care Management, as well as the option to get access to vital in-home social work and health care services for the frail and homebound elderly who are living in Jewish Community Housing Corporation senior housing through the JFS HouseCalls program. [email protected] / (973) 765-9050


Greater MetroWest Chaplain – Receive spiritual care from chaplain Rabbi Stephanie Dickstein through the Seniors at Home program of Federation’s Chaplaincy. Primarily providing spiritual care to survivors of the Holocaust. [email protected] / (732) 512-7363

JFS Central’s Holocaust Team – Holocaust survivors in Union County can get access to services such as deliveries from Café Europa, Kosher Meals on Wheels, and food pantry, as well as home health aide, nursing, and counseling services. Includes programs/services in Russian. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

JFS MetroWest – Provides support to Holocaust survivors and their families, services include counseling, outreach and case management, therapeutic socialization through Café Europa, homecare services for those who are eligible, and so much more. Includes services in Russian. (973) 637-1715 (English) or (973) 637-1716 (Russian)

Rutgers School of Dentistry (RSDM) – In partnership with Jewish Federation – Holocaust survivors in our community receive pro bono dental care. If you or someone you know is a Holocaust survivor who would like to find out more about this unique program, reach out directly to the dedicated RSDM patient navigator. (973) 972-5304


Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey’s Building Jewish Families – Receive no fee, interest-free loans to help defray the costs associated with fertility treatments, surrogacy, gestational carrying, and/or adoption, and with the express intention of helping to build Jewish homes and strengthen Jewish families. [email protected] / (973) 765-9050

JFS Central Adoption Program – Receive both International and Domestic Home Studies for families wishing to adopt. Services include counseling and consultation in all adoption issues, preparation of a home study, and post-placement services. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375


JCC of MetroWest Kosher Meals on Wheels – If you are homebound and elderly living in Essex County you can receive nutritionally balanced hot kosher lunches delivered. Meals are delivered 5 days per week, with frozen and shelf-stable meals provided for weekends and weather emergencies. (973) 530-3414

JFS Central’s Kosher Meals on Wheels Program – Receive hot nutritious meal, five days a week. To qualify, you need to be a Union County, NJ resident who is over 60 and/or disabled. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375


JESPY – Receive clinical and behavioral counseling services. Serves individuals with disabilities and their families. [email protected] / (973) 762-6909 ext. 307

JFS Central – Receive Mental Health Counseling via Telemental Health, secured, HIPAA compliant, remote video and phone sessions. Schedule an appointment with a licensed mental health professional. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

JFS MetroWest – Receive individual, family, or couples counseling; group services; and community workshops. Services are delivered by a highly trained staff of licensed social workers and clinicians. [email protected] / (973) 765-9050


Chaplaincy of Greater MetroWest NJ – Connect with professionally trained chaplains who visit Jewish individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, senior residences, hospices county mental health facilities, group homes for people with developmental disabilities, private homes and assisted living facilities. Connect to a Chaplain


Daughters of Israel – Receive care at a skilled nursing and a sub-acute rehabilitation facility in West Orange, includes hospice, palliative care, and an Alzheimer’s unit. (973) 400-3307.

JESPY House – Learn about three residential options for adults with disabilities, with individualized supports to match the different abilities of each client: supervised apartment, shared housing, and independent living arrangements with community-based supports. (973) 762-6909

Jewish Community Housing Corporation – Learn about independent living, assisted living, and memory care facility options. Subsidies may be available for apartments in each building for those who qualify. (973) 929-2725

Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled – Operates twelve programs in nine communities in Essex and Morris counties, including kosher group homes, supervised apartment, and supportive living arrangements. [email protected] / (973) 272-7148


JCC of Central NJ’ s Adult Enrichment – Older adults will receive a variety of options to stay stimulated and social. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. (908) 889-8800, extension 207

JCC of MetroWest’ s Margulies Senior Center – Access recreational senior programs in West Orange and at satellite locations throughout the community. [email protected] / (973) 530-3448

JFS Central’s Ross Family Virtual Senior Center enables seniors to access interactive activities and lectures; video calls with your family and friends; a video library of exercise, nutrition, yoga, and entertainment; and so much more through their TV or mobile device. Private pay option available. Serves residents of Union and Northern Somerset Counties. [email protected] / (908) 352-8375

YM-YWHA of Union County – Participate in programs in Union County. (908) 289-8112


Jewish Family Service of Central NJ – If you’re an older adult, receive transportation to necessary medical appointments and other important destinations. It is a personal door to door service intended to fill the gaps in services for seniors in Union County. (908) 352-8375.

Metro Transport – Senior citizens and adults with special needs get access to transportation to medical appointments, JCC MetroWest and affiliated senior centers, and nursing home and hospital visits. Serves all of Essex County, Lower Union County (Summit and Springfield) and Lower Morris County (East Hanover, Florham Park, Morristown, and Whippany). Able to accommodate wheelchairs. To schedule a trip contact Metro Transport. [email protected] / (973) 325-1359