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Adult Jewish Learning

Federation is listening!

Many community members have told us that Jewish Learning is one of their main interests in connecting with the Greater MetroWest community and your Jewish heritage. And we recognize that Jewish Learning may mean something different to every person.

To help us as we develop programming and content related to Adult Jewish Learning better understand what it is you are interested in learning about, please complete the very brief survey below.

But wait, there’s more!

For those of you eager to learn more now, here are some ways we are already providing the community with Jewish Learning content and resources:

  • Read previous Jewish Learning Blogs. Read blogs
  • Join Federation CEO Dov Ben-Shimon as he learns Torah. Learn more
  • Watch this week’s Bit of Torah. Watch video
  • Participate in an adult Jewish learning program in the community — select for Jewish Education from the drop down of our community calendar. Find a program