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Iris Teen Tzedakah

Iris Teen Tzedakah is a one-year program open to high schoolers in grades 9-10 that focuses on philanthropy, Jewish education, and leadership. Iris Advisors (that’s what we call the teen participants) will explore how our Greater MetroWest community responds to people in need locally, globally, and in Israel. 

As an Iris Advisor you will contribute $250 of your own money into a fund. Those funds will be matched by the Herb & Milly Iris Youth and Family Philanthropy Endowment. Your cohort will oversee this fund of several thousand dollars, deciding how to allocate the money to organizations and needs based on what you learn and experience over the course of the program. This includes taking part in important interactions with Jewish community leaders, philanthropists, and experts who will teach you about our community and the values and traditions of Jewish giving.

The Iris Teen Advisors meet on average once a month at the Aidekman Jewish Community Campus at 901 Route 10 East in Whippany, NJ for two hours on weeknights (occasional sessions may be held at the JCCs in West Orange and Scotch Plains). In addition, there is one overnight program early in the year to help strengthen the relationships among the Advisors and to build their team working skills. 

Applications are now CLOSED! Applications will be open again next spring. Questions? Contact Avi Remetz at

Your participation in Iris Teen Tzedakah will give you unique exposure to: 

Social action through Judaism 

  • Immerse yourself into the world of Jewish teen philanthropy.  Learn about Jewish solidarity and communal responsibility. 
  • Take an active role in your community’s welfare by deciding how to allocate significant funds to Jewish causes and projects. 
  • Dive into deep discussions on Jewish values related to Tzedakah.