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Exhibition Loan Information

Complete Loan Agreement Form

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater MetroWest (JHS) may lend materials from its collections to recognized institutions such as libraries and museums, with professional staff who are proficient in exhibiting the materials requested, subject to the stipulations enumerated below.  

In addition, approval for each loan will depend on the condition, the physical nature, the scarcity, and the research value of the requested material, as well as on the duration of the loan and other factors involving scholarship and preservation.

Requesting Loans

Requests to borrow material must be submitted in writing to the archivist of the JHS at least three months prior to shipment. The written request should indicate the scope, duration, and audience of the exhibition; list the items to be considered for loan; provide a brief description of the institution and its clientele; and include a preliminary facilities report outlining the security and environmental controls in place. 

Please read the terms and agreements and complete the form below to request to borrow individual objects and/or exhibitions from the Jewish Historical Society.

Fees and Responsibilities

  • An exhibition loan base fee of $400 applies for every exhibition loan. Individual objects carry a base fee of $100.
  • The borrower will pay all loan fees prior to delivery of the requested material to the borrower.
  • Additional costs, including matting, shipping, or courier expenses, may also apply.
  • A late fee of $50/day will accrue for materials returned beyond the contractual date of return.

In general, borrowing institutions assume responsibility for the security and care of loaned materials from the time they leave the lending institution until they are returned to and received by the lending institution.

  • The borrower will sign a Loan Agreement prior to delivery of the requested material to the borrower.
  • JHS staff will document the receipt of loaned materials and immediately inform the lending institution of any irregularities or damage.

Duration of Loan

  • Loans are limited in duration to three months or less. 
  • Return the loaned materials by the date requested. 
  • Staff should communicate in writing any requests to extend the term of the loan in accordance with the terms of the loan policy or agreement.

Criteria for Exhibiting Materials

  • Follow carefully all instructions stipulated by the lending institution in the loan agreement. Such instructions may pertain to care and handling, research use or display, rights and reproductions, citations, publications, legal responsibilities, and other relevant matters. 
  • The borrower will receive, store, and display the items in a secure, environmentally sound area. Loaned materials are handled and maintained under appropriate environmental conditions during all stages of the loan process and term of exhibition. 
  • The exhibit area must have air conditioning and humidity controls that maintain temperature between 60-70 degrees (± 5 degrees in 24 hours) and between 40-50% relative humidity (± 5% in 24 hours). 
  • Lighting must be filtered so that the material is subject to UV exposure lower than 75 microwatts/lumen. 
  • Appropriate security of the exhibition spaces and storage/preparation areas must be provided, including intrusion alarm systems and locked cases or tamper-resistant mountings. 
  • Automatic fire detection and suppression systems must be in place. 
  • The borrowing institution should not alter, clean, or repair materials without explicit permission from the lending institution.


  • The borrower will insure the lent items for their value as established by the JHS. Coverage will begin upon removal of the material from the JHS and end upon its return to JHS.
  • Proof of insurance must be provided prior to delivery of the requested material to the borrower.

Transporting loaned materials

  • The borrower will assume all expenses for transporting the materials to and from the exhibition site.
  • These expenses may include airfare, lodging, and meals for a licensed courier, or other shipping arrangements depending on the extent and nature of the material being lent.

Handling of materials

The borrower will apply accepted archival practice in the handling and installation of borrowed materials:

  • Installation must follow reversible techniques.
  • All flat materials will be lent in a protected condition
  • Do not affix any labels or other markings directly upon the loaned materials. Identifying information should instead be applied to protective containers or sleeves or included on removable slips; materials used for such enclosures and slips should meet relevant conservation standards.
  • Borrowed items must be displayed and returned with the packing materials provided, in the same condition in which they were received and packaged in the same or similar housing.

Packing and unpacking

  • Return the loaned materials in the same condition as received and use the same or equivalent packaging materials and shipping methods.
  • Staff responsible for the packing, unpacking, and shipment of the materials should be instructed in the proper handling and packing of special collections materials.
  • Prior to packing, staff should inspect and verify that the loaned materials have not suffered any damage during the term of the loan period and document the results of the inspection in a condition report and/or in the loan record or agreement.


  • Any damage suffered during the time the loaned materials are in transit or held by the borrowing institution must be reported to the lending institution as soon as the damage is discovered.
  • Damaged materials should not be packed for return without the lending institution’s knowledge and authorization.
  • The borrowing institution must also cooperate in reporting and investigation by any insuring agency and otherwise meet its responsibilities regarding costs for repair, replacement, or appropriate compensation, in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement and the preferences of the lending institution.


  • The borrower will give full credit to the Jewish Historical Society of Greater MetroWest in all publicity concerning the exhibition, including labels, catalogs, press releases, and promotional broadcasts.
  • JHS will provide the appropriate crediting information
  • Borrower will provide the lender with a complimentary copy of any catalogs or publicity materials created for the exhibition.

Reproducing Materials

  • The borrower will not duplicate, or permit others to duplicate, borrowed material without the explicit permission of the JHS and of copyright holders. This stipulation applies to photographing exhibited materials on display or to preparing or broadcasting images for promotion or publicity. Such permission must be sought in writing in advance.
  • Exception is made for internal documentation, as, for example, in the case of creating condition reports or exhibit mounting specifications.

Loan Agreement Form

Please complete the form below to request to borrow individual objects and/or exhibitions from the Jewish Historical Society.

Contact Jill Hershorin at if you have any questions or concerns.