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High Holidays 5783 Recruitment Information & Tools

We’ve prepared a fresh batch of tools to boost your Centennial Mission recruitment during the High Holidays.

With the resources and suggested messaging below about Federation’s Centennial Mission to Israel, it’s easy to spread the word about the sweetest thing our Greater MetroWest community can do in 5783!

Tagline for the High Holidays

Sign up now for Federation’s Centennial Mission to Israel — it’ll be the sweetest thing you’ll do in 5783!

Shana tova!

Printable Flyer

Share this customizable, print-ready flyer/bulletin ad. We’ve left space for you to place your logo in the bottom left hand corner.


High Holidays Short Announcement

Include the announcement below in your High Holiday communications — including eblasts, bulletins, social media, in-person announcements, etc. — to encourage community members to learn more about the Centennial Mission to Israel.

[Name of synagogue/agency] is proud and excited to be partnering with our Jewish Federation for the 2023 Centennial Mission to Israel, celebrating Federation@100 and Israel@75.

In this Jewish new year of 5783, please join us for this special opportunity to experience Israel as a [synagogue/agency] community together with our Greater MetroWest family.

As we wish one another to a sweet New Year, let’s plan for this special journey to taste Israel’s sweetness ourselves!

Please ask me or speak to [name(s) of your Bus Captains] and please visit: jfedgmw.org/centennial-mission

Digital Ads

Download these digital assets to post on your website and eblasts. We’ve left space for you to place your logo in the bottom left hand corner.

For specific ad sizes, please email Lauren Theodore at [email protected].



High Holidays Themes

Consider incorporating talking points that relate to Israel and community-building into your sermons or learning sessions. Federation’s Chief Jewish Learning Officer Robert Lichtman offers these relevant and timely theme ideas as options to incorporate Federation’s Centennial Mission to Israel; to be followed by the short announcement from above.

  • On Rosh Hashanah we watch as Abraham and Isaac ascend Mount Moriah, the first Jews ever to do so.
    Once at the summit, they created a historic memory that is forever imprinted in our minds. It is because they took this first journey together so long ago that we will be privileged to ascend that same mountain in the heart of Jerusalem and create new memories for generations beyond ours.
  • For generations, the Yom Kippur service ended with a hopeful crescendo of the Shofar blast echoed by the voices of our ancestors pledging, “Next Year in Jerusalem!”
    In truth, what more could they do but dream it? We are a generation that can make their dreams come true. We have the historic opportunity to go this year, 5783, in celebration of Israel’s 75th birthday and 100 years of our Jewish community here in Greater MetroWest NJ.
  • When the leaders of our Jewish community gathered around the table 100 years ago to create what we now call Greater MetroWest, the only connection between them and the Jews in then-Palestine was the invisible bond of all Jews caring for one another.
    100 years later, that connection between us has become visible and vibrant through the State of Israel that we built and sustain together. Join us on a remarkable journey celebrating our mutual anniversaries, the vision of Jewish leadership, and community connections that endure and grow stronger. What better way to show our continued love for Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael than to participate as a community in our Federation’s Centennial Mission to Israel – a once-in-a-century experience.

Social Media Graphics

Download these shareables for your synagogue or agency to post on your social media channels.

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